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Registry Helper is a program that automatically fixes your computer errors
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Keeping the registry of your computer in a healthy state will ensure that your system won’t suffer unwanted errors and performance issues that could have been otherwise avoided. The registry is a very important part of a system and it can directly influence its speed and performance level. In order to ensure that your registry stays clean and error-free, you can use applications such as this one. Registry Helper is a handy tool capable of detecting and removing the invalid registry entries which are the major cause of registry problems.

Besides its intuitive and self-explanatory interface, Registry Helper offers plenty of advantages, including a reasonable scanning speed. The scanning results are accurate, ensuring that the registry cleaning job will be effective and will present remarkable effects. The registry cleaning task can be configured to your liking, as you are allowed to select which types of registry keys you want to be scanned and cleaned. Furthermore, scheduling the registry cleaning tasks to be performed automatically is also possible. This powerful tool even features handy additional utilities such as a startup manager or an Internet connection optimizer.

In conclusion, it’s a registry cleaner that works as intended and doesn’t disappoint. It can get a bit annoying with all its license limitations and registration nagging though, so you’d better decide fast if you purchase it or give up on it.

Margie Smeer
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  • Simple and easy-to-use interface
  • Accurate scan results
  • Decent scanning speed
  • Includes a startup manager


  • The installation is overcomplicated and it asks you to install unneeded tools
  • A lot of licensing limitations and registration-related nagging
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